You just finished university and out to get your dream job!!! You are packed with money that you earned and got from your parents and ready to start your game dev career with ease.

But wait........
Whats that???
Something is hindering your way??
What is it??"

"Make it full screen to get a better view."

use W A S D to move

Left-Click to Shoot

Right-Click to use Combo

Point with mouse

Tools used:

Unity: Game engine

Photoshop: art tool

bfxr and Audacity : Sound effects

Patch Note:

Enemy would stop spawning at a point and completely messed up the game cause its supposed to be an end-less game.

Intro scene had over done post-processing effects and so players had problem understanding parts of the text.   


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Watch Game Jam Feedback 2019-10-27 from MrJoshuaMcLean on

shield is dumb, it just makes you have to wait, it it made bullets reflect back to enemies it would be cool, because it would give you another way to attack, and the enemies have no variety, same with the weapons.

Thanks for the feedback back😀. I will make sure to add it the game later